The Beginning

The funny thing about graduating college is that your brain decides that your ceremonial walk across the stage to accept your hard-earned degree in cinematic slow-mo clearly fits into the “Happy Ending” formula we all know and love. That ol’ brain can break it down quite clearly: four years of struggles and milestones + ultimate success + classic “end of an era” moment = time to ride into the sunset.

Or maybe that’s just my brain: wielding optimism as an impenetrable shield against the depression-inducing factors of a crap economy and countless articles that predict a doomed future of the unemployment variety for me and the rest of 2012’s grads.

Said brain seems to come packaged with a gleeful inner voice that sounds remarkably like Julie Andrews and insists that everything will come together at some point, my next step will show itself eventually, and wasn’t I hoping for a little break anyways?

Yep, Julie, I was. I’ve got four years worth of sleep debt to pay back and a bucket list to blow through.

Sitting around waiting for the “happy ending” to flesh out sounds a bit too much like settling to me. This blog will be a push for the next adventure – for doing something scary everyday. For turning the world on it’s head and figuring out new and better ways to live a life.



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